Paul de Geus

In what we do, trust is what I aim to accomplish

Paul de Geus has a substantial track record in the financial world. Ever since he started out in the finance segment of Shell, he has been involved in major financial endeavors. In his subsequent roles with Shell Pension funds, Robeco and Delta Lloyd, Paul has been active in setting up teams, working on enhancing the quality of portfolios and developing new business in asset management.

According to Paul: “Of course I am mathematically strong. This is of the utmost importance in judging companies and assisting them in their development. You win trust with good arithmetic, but this only tells a small part of the story. Authenticity is what it is all about. If a person whom is presenting one’s self is not authentic, or honest, this person will not be able to convince people, or keep them on board. By who and how I am, this does work. My authenticity and what drives me are easy: I want to see results, I want to win, and this is what I go for!”

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