Robert Weaver

I don't hesitate to pinpoint the difficult issues

As one of the founders of Bibit Global Payment Services (part of the current Worldpay and initially acquired by the Royal Bank of Scotland), Robert Weaver was fundamental in bringing the right people together. And he kept on doing just that. Since 2004, Robert has invested in Internet ventures, of which a number have already been successfully sold.

According to Robert: “Connecting people comes naturally to me. It starts with people, their knowledge and substance, but it details more. Things such as social abilities and an intelligent judgment of situations; everyone does that in her or his own way. Within Syllion Ventures, I anticipate a two-way communication. It is hard work for everyone. Buckling down is what I expect from investors, ventures and within the team. Result is the outcome. When I start to explain my point of view is when people need to pay attention. That is how I set businesses and people into motion.”

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